A Matter of the Universe Climbing a Thread

A Matter of the Universe Climbing a Thread

I’m watching a spider hanging down from a thread in a tree. The weavers of the universe; the threads of their webs like pathways into different dimensions, circular in nature, revealing the structure of the multi-verses and how they connect and layer upon each other.  I’m following the thread with my eyes; the morning dew around it warps the sunlight and shows me the bending of space; the way out of this world and into the spiraling calm that opens the doorways to the other-worlds.  I’m breathing in and I’m breathing out.  Breathing in and breathing out, watching the spider moving up and down the thread that is attached to the tree branch just above my head.  I close my eyes and listen to a cricket singing softly not too far away, and I’m letting go of all the thoughts in my head.  I fell out of balance with Earth’s rotation last week, tumbling into the 3D world of the physical and crashing into civilization, asking myself the age-old question of what am I doing here? And why is the world so confused?  So I’m trying to get my balance back, and I’m breathing in and breathing out and closing my eyes I begin to calm and drift deeper towards the other world…..

What is that spider doing?  Is it close to my head?  What if it comes all the way down and jumps on me???!  It could be sitting on my back! Just waiting for my most unsuspecting moment and then, hours from now it will bite me….  I snap open my eyes and look up, to see the spider still hanging on its thread, the blue sky above the trees looks like glass, and once again, I am overwhelmed with the dimensions that fold into this world.  I must paint.  It’s been weeks of just simple drawings on small bits of paper…. Orbs inside of cubes inside of flowers, inside of lines and layers of colors; blue on top of blue, purple and crimson tunneling through the deepest aspects of my inner self……….

I’m thinking again !!!  try… try not to think in this place of silence.  I should be leaving myself behind and joining the parallel consciousness. …. I need to let go, let go of human form, let go, let go, let go…….. breathe in… breathe out….. the folds of the universe slowly drawing me in…… I wonder if the spider is still in the tree…..

I’m watching the spider swing from the thread and I’m watching the blue of the sky high above my head. I wonder about Georgia.  O’Keeffe that is.  People always ask about her.  I have come to learn about her work because so many people ask me about her.  Her brilliance consumes me at times.  Her colors; waves of her paint, her heartbreaking emotion screaming forward in the curve of her lines, it all seems so dreamingly desperate, a cry for peace inside of a wounded soul, an attempt to portray the peaceful floating she probably found in moments of quietly gaining union with the sky. I wonder if she watched spiders hanging from trees against the blue sky.

Okay, okay…  I have to stop thinking.  I need to find my way in.  Into the inner space that reveals the calm…. Breathe…… quiet….. breathe……….. where is that spider?