Sunday Meditation Just Before Dawn

Sunday Meditation Just Before Dawn

To go within and fly.  Fly deeper and faster than ever before.  I, released from the form that binds me to this world, in the open door of the universe, I flew between the stars, through the galaxies, into a sun and out the other side.  To be a part of the spiraling arms of the Milky Way directly towards a triune structure that is the infrastructure to all we know in this universe.

In between the stars, the sparks that are falling and fallen from the point of nothingness into existence.

I, nothing more than a beam of light, a heartbeat, a breath, I, having no self to be an I; flew faster and deeper to the place where galaxies line up and spiral around each other, where they emerge from the point of nothingness.

I, nothing more than a beam of light spilt into a rainbow and joined the stars and the sparks which are the stars and the suns nothing more than the breath of God.

I, became the triune structure and then collapsed into it, being nothing more than a glyph among a million trillion billion other glyphs.

Falling down the center of the structure only to be caught by a hand of light that filled me with love and kindness, and lifted me back up to the top.

Back to the singularity where I could peek in and see that there was much more than nothing there.

Inside that point of light was the beam of the lightest pink ever known and in that pink was the love, which created the triune and the bending of sound.

And there was the point which bent the breath into color, into glyphs, into form. The form that is our universe in all its beauty and all its power and all its confusion.

The body of the universe stretching forward and sideways and backwards and into itself and out of itself the sound of the stretch filling my heart and my lungs with that which is the only love I have ever known.

And with that I fly deeper and deeper into a singularity which pulls suns and light and all things known in this place into itself.

To recycle them and push them through the body that is stretching itself wider and wider, longer and longer to absorb all the galaxies and universes in this place.

its absorption, like a sponge, cleaning up spilled milk. To understand that its breath is the sun, to understand that its breath is all suns, to understand that it uses only the triune structure to show us its heart, and its mind.   To know that its breath is light and is love and is all things that we cannot see and cannot know.

To know that we spiral around this small hole in all universes and a we among so many multitudes of sparks spiral closer to the point of entry each moment that the universe exists.

There is no sound, there is no breath, there is no light

There is only stretching, which is only breathing, which is only sleeping, which is only the sun, which is only a spark a single broken piece of a single vessel which is the only vessel, who’s unknown heart is filled with love and that love is golden

and gold is the only essence which takes all color and pulls it through and back to light and through to the point of light that goes out the other side.

And into the love that is beyond anything we could ever know.

And so, reminded that the entrance point is always open and the structure is nothing more than a breath.

And nothing more than everything we know and don’t know.

I see nothing more than the galaxies and the space between them and know that all that I am, that any of us are, is in the breath that created them.

And to fly, fly freer and higher and through the open door and back again.

A bird freed from the center of the universe that resides in the center of a flower a universe that is the pollen and the pollen is nothing more than the singularity itself.

There are no accidents there are no points of light there are no vessels there are no universes there is only the stretch and the love that is dreaming these things and we, being the dream are reflecting its love and its pain.

And in our existence, the existence of light….  it learns about itself.

I returned from that place… that deepness of the only home I understand and found the mornig sun and with that I held my heart

And the triune itself is changing, the stretching it achieves too.

To fly into the triune which is within the code and know now, what was told.

Now is the time now we must feed the Creator as it completes this cycle of breathing

Awaken the kingdoms and awaken the king.

Push through the spiral of the galaxies and the spirals of the heart and the spirals of the breath and free the light from its captivity free the love and change the world.